Poster Programme

Development and integration of a universal SPM head: Design criteria and challenges
Andreas Bettac, Sigma Surface Science GmbH, Germany

Dangling bond quantum states on the Si(111):B surface
Manuel Siegl, University College London, UK

Quantum states of dangling bond defect structures on H-terminated Si(001)
Asif Suleman, University College London, UK

An electrically-detected read out device for optically driven donor excitations defined by STM hydrogen lithography
Alexander Koelker, University College London, UK

Tautomeric molecular switches adsorbed on Au(111): A low temperature STM study
Grant Simpson, University of Graz, Austria

Recent technology advancements in SPM based electrical probing at low temperatures
Björn Piglosiewicz, Scienta Omicron GmbH, Germany

qPlus® NC-AFM and STM imaging of C60 encapsulated H2O molecules
Simon Taylor, University of Nottingham, UK

A combined Monte Carlo and Hückel Theory simulation of C60 molecular rotations in C60 assemblies on Cu(111), Au(111) and NaCl
Jeremy Leaf, University of Nottingham, UK

Structure determination of Au on Pt(111) surface: LEED, STM and DFT study
Aleksander Krupski, University of Portsmouth, UK

Mechanochemical manipulation of Pb dimers on Si(100)
Ioannis Lekkas, University of Nottingham, UK

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline [extended]:
    5 October 2015
  • Poster abstract submission deadline [extended]:
    15 October 2015
  • Early registration deadline [extended]:
    27 October 2015
  • Accommodation booking deadline:
    12 November 2015
  • Registration deadline:
    17 November 2015