Confirmed sponsors

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is Japan’s leading funding agency and is largely funded through annual subsidies from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Established in 1932, JSPS promotes the advancement of academic research in all disciplines from social sciences and humanities to natural sciences and engineering. Additionally, JSPS administers a number of bilateral and multilateral programmes for scientific cooperation and exchange under memorandums of understanding concluded with its various counterpart foreign academic institutions around the world.

JSPS main functions are:

  • Funding research initiatives
  • Fostering next generation of scientists
  • Advancing international collaborations
  • Promoting university reform

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the JSPS under the JSPS symposium scheme.

CryoVac low temperature technologies (CryoVac GmbH & Co KG)

CryoVac low temperature technologies, is the leading supplier for customized cryogenic systems for a wide range of applications.
We offer systems from the mK range up to 800K. Over the course of 40 years we have provide solutions for nearly all experimental requirements. A main focus is placed on UHV, low-vibration, dry and low-loss-systems.

Scienta Omicron GmbH

Scienta Omicron, brings together the two leading innovators in Surface Science – the former VG Scienta and Omicron NanoTechnology. We provide customized solutions and advanced technologies for fundamental research in surface science and nanotechnology in the fields of:

  • scanning probe microscopy
  • electron spectroscopy
  • thin film deposition and
  • tailored system and instrumentation solutions

Sigma Surface Science GmbH

SIGMA focuses on the development and fabrication of instruments for surface science in UHV. The activities range from various SPM solutions, to hemispherical energy analyzers and X-Ray sources for electron spectroscopy including electronics and software. Analysis components are integrated into custom-tailored multitechnique systems including thin film or nanoparticle deposition facilities.

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline [extended]:
    5 October 2015
  • Poster abstract submission deadline [extended]:
    15 October 2015
  • Early registration deadline [extended]:
    27 October 2015
  • Accommodation booking deadline:
    12 November 2015
  • Registration deadline:
    17 November 2015